It's a product customization toolkit that works in the browser.

Learn how designers, brands and manufacturers can engage
and empower their customers with state-of-the-art product configurators.

Design. Embed. Make.

Design or tweak your product

MatterMachine is primed for flexibility. Build a product model using powerful parametric CAD tools or import your model and add customizable product features.

Collaborate with others using features that let designers, brands, manufacturers, engineers and others work online with the same product model.


Create and embed a product configurator (coming soon)

Give your customers the power of choice by publishing your model as an easy to use product configurator that can be embedded in your online store.

MatterMachine has a built in payment solution you can use out of the box, or it can be integrated with your existing system.


Make just what your customer wants

Manufacture your product to customer specifications, with data output directly from MatterMachine.

3D printed, CNC machined, or made by hand? MatterMachine aims to feed into both the latest additive manufacturing processes, as well as other established and traditional processes.



Want to use MatterMachine for your business now? Or need a custom parametric solution? We're looking for foundation partners. Talk to us about how we can help you with your business or project.

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MatterMachine is both a product and a company. We're based in beautiful New Zealand, and are working with people across the globe to play a part in the democratisation of manufacturing.

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